Book Overview

This book is an overview of how search engines work and how to optimize for it - with simples examples to make it accessible for beginners with no previous knowledge.

Chapter One

How Search Engine Works

Chapter Two

Optimizing for Search Engines

Chapter Three

Why SEO is Important

Chapter Four

How SEO works Professionally

Chapter Five

Target Audience and Product Alignment

Chapter Six

Content Pillars

About The Author

Author Yuri moreno

Yuri Moreno

Yuri Moreno is an SEO specialist and has been working with digital marketing since 2011. He was the co-founder of two companies where he led accounts such as Carrefour, Centauro, Ri Happy, PetLove, among others. His companies were acquired and he moved to Silicon Valley to advance his career focusing on Product Marketing and SaaS.

Today he works as a resident consultant at PEBMED , the company responsible for the Whitebook, the biggest medical application in Brazil and TOP 10 for 3 years in a row in revenue on the App Store Brazil.